About Us

Welcome to Siam Tropical Fish of Thailand (STF).

Tropical fish of Thailand (STF) – A breeder, importer and exporter based in Thailand, is a distributer of live tropical fish and related products, incorporating forward looking IT solutions, to help our customers reduce overheads and increase margins- contributing to the customer’s bottom line.

Our Mission

Establish, improve and surpass best practices for the breeding, collection and distribution of live-stock for the pet industry

Support sustainable breeding culturing whenever possible

Develop and incorporate continuously the most advance technological solutions to deliver value to the benefits of our customers

Serve our customers with integrity incorporating our commitment to building long term relationships

Thailand fish farm and export center

We work closely with the community providing employment and business opportunities to help build up surrounding communities. The export center also the distribution point for fresh water from Myanmar and Cambodia

Consistent exporter to US

Exclusive relationships with key distributor to serve customers in North and South America with coordinated marketing and distribution program to deliver the benefits of consolidation with a singular focus on optimizing your landed cost.

Central admin and IT support

Central admin and IT support Based at our group office in Sri Lanka, a dedicated team, also develops and support customized IT and distribution solutions to help integrate centralized web based purchasing, billing and consolidated shipping solutions to further drive efficiencies and contribute to the enhancement of our relationships regardless of your volume levels. In most cases, basic services are provided as part of our service to regular clients

Why Choose Us?

Our operational philosophy and performance guarantees

Guarantee to deliver high quality freshwater and marine aquaria to master distributers, chain stores, distributors and retailers at a competitive price

Optimum packs designed to reduce freight cost, depending on the end customer’s needs.

Coordinate our operations in multiple countries to source and distribute in a vertically integrated structure to ensure our customers receive live stock of the highest quality standards at the lowest possible prices.

We collect, stock and store live stock in the MOST optimum conditions and meet and exceed industry best practices to which we tie our performance guarantees.

Building long term relations in our goal

Our Services

STF works with breeders throughout our supply chain to provide the most accurate stock list and the best possible products week after week. While our specialty is Bettas, Guppies, Cichlids, Sharks, Aquatic Plants, driftwood, and we can offer the entire range of fresh water fish from Thailand and few of the Tank Bread Marine Crown fish weekly and Myanmar Fish on an availability basis.

STF is constantly working to expand our products line by establishing mutually beneficial relationships with new sourcing or consolidation points across the globe to better serve our customers.

Thailand offers some of the high quality Bettas and Sharks in the market today, we can also offer most regular varieties or rare varieties that are bred on a shared commitment to volumes in line with the end customer demands of key clients, with quality and consistency second to none

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we help our customers reduce overheads and increase margins- contributing to the customer’s bottom line.